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Let us introduce ourselves...

Watch our quick intro video to get a feeling for what we're all about!

Miles ahead.

Find out how JustMint compares to our main competitor. Chart based on the Solana blockchain.

CandyMachine V2

official candy machine program

Automatic Certification

metaplex certified collection

Animation support

Combine GIF, MP4, PNG

Instantly Tradable

without review - on ME, OS, SolSea


10,000 Images


10,000 Images

Multiple Configurations

e.g. male/ female

Full Website Editor


4 Minutes

incl. upload and IPFS pinning

via cloud computing


uploads from the cloud automatically


43 Minutes

i7-8700k - 32GB RAM

32 Minutes

90Mbps Connection

You're the boss.

You keep full ownership of your creations. We take a 2.5% fee on your initial sale, but we do not take fees on secondary market sales. Payments are sent directly to you via smart contracts. No ongoing fees. No restrictions.

Your contracts. Your keys.

We only provide the tools for you to deploy your collection. You keep full ownership of your keys and contracts. We can not restrict or censor your creations and we have no access to your smart contracts.

We're here for you.

We support you every step of the way. Join our community to get hands-on support and answers to all of your questions and read our guides for a quick jumpstart. Your collection is live? We will help you spread the word.

How it works

Create a new collection

Just enter your name, description and a subdomain of your choice so that others can mint your NFTs later on.

Configure your traits

Add layer configurations and simply drag&drop your traits to add them. Male/ female, different ordering, blend modes, opacities, everything your heart desires.

Make it rare

Set rarities for each individual trait by simply dragging the slider along. Could it be simpler?


Generate thousands of randomized NFTs in mere seconds. Not happy with the result? Change rarities and add trait rules to switch it up then generate again, it just takes a sec anyway!

Deploy your contract

In just a few clicks to your fully owned and verified smart contract. No more headaches with items not appearing or not being tradable on marketplaces, we do it the right way.

It's mint time!

Use our Wix-like website editor to customize your minting page to your hearts desire. Happy with the result? Simply share the link with your users - we take care of the rest.

Latest User Generated Collection

Emo Kids

Read our Guides

Our blog goes into detail on how to create an NFT collection and we also explain various concepts around NFT collections and the blockchain. We're still building, if you want to see an article written let us know!

What The Heck Is An NFT? NFTs Explained

So what are non-fungible tokens really? They seem to be everywhere, from ape-themed profile pictures to [...]

How To Create An NFT Collection | Part 1

The entire process of creating an NFT collection explained in three parts. Part 1: Preparing and generating your collection

How To Create An NFT Collection | Part 2

The entire process of creating an NFT collection explained in three parts. Part 2: Configuring and Deploying your Contract

We also support Solana! 🎉

Our Solana support is unlike anything you've seen before. Instantly tradable NFTs, automatically certified collections and collections/ NFTs appearing automagically after creation on MagicEden, SolSea and OpenSea. No more imports, no more migrations, no more manual certifications

Metaplex Certified

Enjoy all the benefits of verified collections without lifting a finger. Your NFTs can be traded instantly after creation without having them reviewed manually first.

Your Whitelist Token

Sending your users a whitelist token adds value - they can be traded on secondary markets such as the famousfoxes market. That's a definite win, both for you and your users. Customizing your whitelist token let's your users know where it's from. You don't want your users to receive an "Unknown Token", after all.

One-Click Reveal

Revealing your NFTs on Solana can be a daunting task. You need to collect mint addresses for each individual NFT and update them either manually or through a script - but don't worry, we got you covered.

Most advanced art-engine on the market

We're not only the fastest, but also the most advanced art engine. Leverage our infrastructure to generate thousands of images in mere seconds. You can also combine GIFs, Videos and PNGs into single animations - how awesome is that? Ontop of that, you can also set advanced layer rules, use blend modes, opacities and more.

Create advanced contracts

We offer you extensive customization for your smart contracts, create whitelists and whitelist discounts, set different dates for public and presale, configure treasury, royalty and owner addresses all within a few clicks.

Share Revenue

Want to split your revenue with a partner? Set it up in a few clicks with our revenue split system.

Automatic Certification

Don't worry, we adhere to all the standards. Your ETH collections are verified and the source code can be viewed publicly. Your Solana collections are automatically verified by adhering to the Metaplex standard.

Don't waste time.

Generating a collection with us is fast. And we mean fast, fast. No matter if you create 500 or 10000 images.

Normal Images

for any collection size


Animated Images

for any collection size


Tested under optimal conditions and with optimized files. Generation times can vary depending on the bytesize of your images, generation can take up to a few minutes in race occurences.

Express yourself.

Wix for NFTs, anyone? A full editor allows you to express your creativity and create fully white-label websites. Super fast hosting, custom top-level domains and SSL are included by default.

For the Pros.

Want to step it up a notch? If you're a business, agency or just an ambitious creator - you will want one of our NFTs. This is what unlocks all the goodies.

Generate animated NFTs

Use GIFs and Videos freely, heck, why not even combine them? Add PNGs into the mix for a perfect composition.

Free Mints

Want to offer your NFTs for free? Free NFTs are all the rage nowadays. Exclusive to our holders.

Create unlimited collections

You can create up to 3 collections as a normal users. Anything above that and you need one of our NFTs.

Pro website templates

Get access to meticulously crafted templates exclusively for our pro users.


Enable FIAT mints

Widen your user-base by allowing anyone to mint your collection with credit-cards, no crypto-currency required. Don't worry, you don't have to do anything. Just enabled it and the cryptocurrency will be sent to you.

More to come

Don't sleep on our membership tokens. They're limited to 5000 pieces and we're constantly working on more features.

JustMint Legends #1

JustMint Legends #1




Sign Up For The Whitelist

Our JustMint Legends have a limited supply, we will only offer

2500 on Solana

2500 on Ethereum

Stay in the loop and follow our socials where we give away whitelist spots regularly!
Being an active member in our community and referring your friends also nets you high chances of receiving a whitelist spot.

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We provide our infrastructure and service for free, which means it's entirely for free to create a collection and use our platform. As a compensation, we take 2.5% on your initial sale.


All those amazing features are available to you right off the bat - without paying a dime.

Fully customizable & white label websites

Create awesome websites with our fully fledged website editor. Our websites are secure by default and hosted serverless by vercel - so you get the best of the best.

Super fast IPFS storage

We upload your final collection and pin it to IPFS. Don't worry - we also cover the hosting fee for you.

Advanced smart contracts

Our smart contracts are updateable, support delayed reveals, whitelists and more. Deploy them with a single click.

Blazing fast generation

Generate your collection as often as you want - free of charge. Generating a collection with us takes anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes. That's hours saved compared to similar services.

Build your collection now


Still have questions? Join our discord to get them answered.

Is there a limit on the image sizes?

So how much does it cost?

Do you support Solana? Polygon? Cardano??

Can I use delayed reveals?

Do you have a whitelist feature?


Why is generating so fast with JustMint?

Animations? How does it work?

Can I use blend modes for my layers..?

IPFS? Hosting? Uploading? Downloading?

Is my data secure?

Can my NFTs be traded after creation?

Pay only when you earn.

Not quite convinced yet? Testdrive our platform for free, you can sign up and create nft collections anytime. Once you start earning, we'll take our cut as compensation. Now that's risk free.

Sign up. It's free!

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